Sleepy Seuss

I just finished an enormous, all consuming project, and Bosco was very patient and supportive. I had to go away to finish the last part, and Bosco had to stay at his hotel. Since coming home, all we’ve done is sleep.  And write this little ditty, based on the Dr. Seuss poem one fish, two fish:

relaxed downstairs

One bed two bed

Soft bed firm bed

Three bed four bed

Big bed huge bed


Mine is very big and wide

Bosco’s all have plumped up sides

In our beds we like to hide!

downstairs blanket

Blankies red and blankies blue.

Some are old and some are new.

Some are  bought and some are made.

And the sofa’s made of suede.


Why do we have so many here?

Because we like

Choices for our rear.


Some we hang out on together.

But not the chair made out of leather.


Upstairs downstairs,

Downstairs upstairs,

We can nap most anywheres!

his room 2

New Year Boscolutions


Yeah yeah yeah….. It’s THAT list. I set some goals for Bosco and myself. Bosco’s added some goals of his own.

1. We will teach Bosco to be confident when he’s away from the house.

Bosco visiting his old friends at BARC Shelter

Bosco visiting his old friends at BARC Shelter

1a. Bosco will decide to get out of the car on a case-by-case basis.

2. We will explore new places together,and travel to places beyond our routine spots.

2a. The maniac at the wheel will accelerate and brake smoothly, and stop tossing Bosco around.

3. We will walk more often, and further.

3a. Bosco suggests we take up jogging on our walks, especially if firecrackers, basketballs or church bells are on the way.

4. We will make decisions that are best for each of our health.


4a. Bosco will eat more cheese.

5. We will encourage Bosco’s playful side.

5a. Bosco will chase a cheese-loaded treat ball. Six or seven times a day, if that’s what it takes.

6. Bosco will continue to use the backyard in a dogly manner.

not a fan of snow

not a fan of snow

6a. The dumbass with opposable thumbs will shovel paths, so delicate doggie parts don’t get submerged in a snow bank.

6b. The one who has the plastic bags will keep Bosco’s one 6″x 6″ spot clean and ready for immediate use.

7. We will reinforce that safety and love are unconditional.


7a. Bosco will be an even bigger clown, because that results in lots of cuddles. And cheese.

7b.Bosco will also work to achieve the world’s record for deadly farts.