Mooney Eyes

mooney eyesI think I’ve whined about it before – I’ve been working a ridiculous amount of hours lately. I’m “lucky” enough to be able to do this while sitting at home (and let me also say I’m lucky enough to have the problem of having to work a lot).

What I’m really lucky about is Bosco. I’ve said before that he’s a very good project supervisor, and he’s a very good morale booster. He hangs out on the sofa, with his head on the arm. Of course he falls asleep (oh,upper management). But when I look up, he opens his eyes and I get a big pittie smile and vigorous tail wags that raise dust clouds from the sofa (Too busy to vacuum. Yeah, that’s it).

But let me tell you what’s causing really big pittie smiles…the realization that there are other treats out there, that are better than the low-cal ones I make for him.

I bought him a present for his anniversary. It’s a treat puzzle – you hide things in some of the compartments, and the dog is supposed to have to figure out how to get them.  I put little pieces of  beggin strips in 4 spaces.

This is the very first time Bosco saw it.

Not exactly intellectually stimulating, was it? I do love that he closed it when he was done.

Now he’s found religion. As a new convert, he is fervently, passionately devoted to his holy trinity.

  • Pulled pork
  • Ham
  • Bacon

He still doesn’t pay much attention to my food – except when pork is involved. Then he’s very attentive, making big moony eyes at me.

The face of a pork lover.

The face of a pork lover.

Also on his anniversary, I gave him one small piece of bacon.

Bosco meets bacon

Bosco meets bacon

I think he liked it. And now we share a common belief – that bacon is the best thing in the world.

He’s doing a silly Clydesdale step right now. I have a breakfast sandwich – a messy one, and there’s been spillage. Unfortunately it was the green peppers that fell, but he decided to eat those. Now he’s telling me he knows there’s bacon in the room – he wants to put a paw on my leg – but he knows I will consider that begging, and he’ll be reprimanded. So a paw goes way up, he catches himself, and puts it down. And then in his excitement, the other paw comes up, he catches himself, etc etc etc. And of course there are big moony eyes too.