Nearing Normal

I’m typing one handed today. Bosco’s decided he neeeeeeeeeds love and cuddles, and given today’s topic, he’s gonna get them.

August 3rd is the one-year anniversary of Bosco coming home. The year really went fast, and I’ve been reflecting on how far he’s come.

Bosco, August 3, 2012:

Bosco on his frst day home, waking up from a nap.

Bosco on his frst day home, waking up from a nap.

Bosco, this morning:

Bosco wondering why there is a treat on my head, and not in his mouth.

Bosco wondering why there is a treat on my head, and not in his mouth.

That just says it all, doesn’t it?

Almost every single day of the past year included an experience he’s never had before.    And to finish his year with a bang, he got several new ones yesterday.

I asked my friends Jodi and Lisa if he could have a play date with their dogs. We decided to meet at Lisa’s house, which is in a very rural area. So rural, that when I called LIsa for address clarification, and said that there was a cornfield on my right and a silo on my left, she said I’d have to be more specific. Yeah. Rural.

So when we arrived, I opened up the car door for Bosco. He jumped right out and stood there, awed by the open space.  His whole life has been about walking on sidewalks between streets and buildings. We could see him trying to process the openness of her yard, and the lack of urban noise. He was eager to explore, and had a good time poking around.  However, he pulled an urban faux pas and peed on Lisa’s garden. Wash those veggies well.

He was also eager to meet everyone. He went to both Jodi and Lisa and greeted them. And then the dogs met.  I was worried about this – Smokey and Zoey have known each other for years, and have set their way of doing things. I wasn’t sure how to best fold Bosco into that, and Robyn gave me lots of advice. When the dogs met, it was so uneventful – all three went nose-to-nose and then nose-to-heinie. Then it was like “Okay, what’s next?”  We moved to the basement to monitor the interaction a little more closely,   and they followed each other around, and made sure their person didn’t get too lovey with the other dogs, nosing their way in between.

Then we moved upstairs. Bosco sampled a few of Smokey’s toys, and then discovered what might be his favorite thing in the world – laying under the kitchen table and listening to people talk.

He had a good time, and we took this cute photo of them waiting for Jodi to give them treats:

play dateAnd I learned a big lesson – Jodi and Lisa didn’t know the intricacies of Bosco’s history, and didn’t approach him as a dog with fears. I did not point out things that would scare him. To them, he was just good looking good boy. At one point when he squished himself into a corner, Jodi told him to come out so she could pet him, and he did.

He was treated as a dog without issues, and as a result, he did not present them.  Bosco had a normal day, and did what millions of dogs do.

That’s what we’ve been working toward all year. Happy anniversary big boy.

Broadway Barks #3

So the day is over.  I just heard that 7 applications were received on 5 of the dogs who were brought in from BARC.  Yay.  I hope they’re good applications, and that 5 dogs have homes. I heard there was some colluding between higher-ups to try to get me to adopt another dog, but Bosco is my one and only.

Here’s a photo of two of the dogs onstage.  These are BARC volunteers Julie and Betty with Bernadette Peters, Harvey Fierstein, and Patty Saccente.  Told you i’d get her in here somehow.

ImageWhere’s Bob, you ask?  Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob……  all i can say is that he was absolutely wonderful with me.  He was sweet and huggy and wanted to be with me.  But the day was way too much for Bob, and and he had to be put in time out in the van. I have my fingers crossed for him.  I thought he was really really great.  He obviously doesn’t like too many people too close to him, but he really likes having his chest rubbed and being told that he’s a good boy.


Speaking of good boys….. i arrived home to discover that Bosco’s timered supper dish didn’t open.  He managed to take it apart and get most of the food out, but it was obviously a painstaking process, and there was emotional trauma.  Plus, I smell like another dog.  This is the “you cheated on me” face. 


Exactly one year ago, he was standing on that same street, looking for a place to live.  Now that he has his own sofa and five other places to sleep…… he’s not exactly empathetic.

Broadway Barks #1

So this morning I kissed Bosco goodbye and told him I was off to spend the day with people who love him very much.

And off I went, and somehow arrived in about an hour and twenty minutes. There was no tunnel traffic, but wow… It’s just a little possible that I drive too fast.

So I got here and stood in line to get my 2014 calendar. Saw Charlene who writes the Broadway Barks website articles and had a nice chat.

After I got to the front of the line, and was warmly greeted by Bernadette Peters and Patty Saccente, Ms. Peters said “You got pictures? Let’s see ‘em.”

So we scrolled through, coo-ed and took a photo, which Patty declined to be in. I will stealth photo her later.

The BARC team arrives in an hour.


Broadway Barks 2

I’m here with Bob, a beagle foxhound mix. He is very sweet, and available for adoption.

Right now we are on time out in the van. The noise and excitement is a bit much, and he tried to nibble someone – the producer’s nephew. Bad move, Bob.

When he settles down, we’ll try socializing again.